Frogans technology is advancement in the top level domains that are used by a number of people today. This technology allows the implementation of a new layer of application on the internet. This application layer is called as the frogans layer. This can be added along with the other layers that are very common such as the World Wide Web or the email. Frogans technology is said to be very simple to use and also very safe. This technology allows for the Frogans sites to be published. This site is made up of a set of pages that are hyperlinked with each other. These linked pages are then put on line on the internet. They can also be done on an intranet. This whole process can be done on a Frogans address. These sites can be easily published by anyone. The standards that are used in the Frogans technology are very safe and are free and open to everyone. Frogans layer is to be introduced in the near future on the internet. Used Servers

Uses of Frogans technology

This technology can be used with the aim of providing security, reliability and stability of the Frogans layers that will benefit all the users of the internet. The computers that are dedicated solely to the functioning of the certain layers on the internet can be used for the distribution of free software applications. These applications will let the internet users to navigate all through the Frogans layers. Frogans addresses that are available on the particular layers form the basis of its global addressing system. They have a simple pattern that is specific which is in no way related to the URI scheme. The use of Frogans layers sticks to the principles of ICANN in order to keep the internet sites safe and interoperable. They also help in keeping the sites stable at all times. This also encourages a great deal of innovation in the internet. Bylaws that are available to the public consist of the detailed list of all works that must be accomplished by the OP3FT in order to fulfill its mission.
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On the August of 1st 2018, Google released a broad core algorithm update that seems to have had an impact on the local and organic rankings. One of the functions of the update has been to demote advice pages that have questionable expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness [EAT] when it comes to ranking. The EAT plays a significant role in Google Search Quality Guidelines.

A Sterling Sky Company spent some few weeks analyzing how the update impacted local business and web designers like Web Design Warrington. They analyzed dozens of sites in depth, dived into ranking charts and before-and-after screenshots to see what changed with this new update.

Below are the six things that they noticed as a result of the update.

  1. This update was not related to links

This update was merely related to on-site content quality more than backlinks. There was a new client of two months who saw an increase organically across almost every keyword that was being tracked. All the work that has been done on the client’s website has been related to improving content quality; no links were built.

  1. Keyword impact

In the local search world, it is hard to find a business that ranks in the 3-pack in a surrounding city, but it is sometimes possible.

Let’s say that there is a company in Addison or Texas, but all their customers come from Dallas, with this update, the majority of keywords that they were tracking that used [keyword + Dallas] increased. Even though the location is in Addison[ the suburb of Dallas] Another example can be of a business that decreased both locally and organically for the name of the major city but sustained rankings for the suburb [its exact location].

  1. Organic and Local results changed

Sterling Sky Company has ranking trackers that scan its accounts daily, so it makes algorithm updates easier to track. Majority of the algorithm updates only affect the organic results or the local results, but this new update impacted both. There is also a gap between the two updates. The local update happened on July 31-August 1, while theorganic update happened between August 1 and 2.

  1. The gap between Organic and Local algorithms increasing

There is usually a strong correlation between sites that rank in the local results. But with this update, there isn’t much correlation at all. The sites that had substantial organic increases did not equally have significantincrease in local rankings and vice versa.

Also, there were more examples where the patterns were completely opposite. The sites that increased organically dropped locally and vice versa.

  1. YMYL impacted heavily

This new update was focused on Your Money or Your Life [YMYL]-type sites. The biggest movement being in industries related to healthcare. The company audited the attorney’s site and found that the big drops were related to pages about specific medical malpractice lawsuits. Another drug rehab lost 2/3 of their traffic overnight.


  1. Video carousels increased for local search items

For tons of keywords that the company looked at across various industries, there was an increase in video carousels that did not exist before the August core algorithm update.

The heat becomes unbreakable without the air conditioner. However, do we know whether to use the climate properly? Tips that will make you feel better, but also who will keep your health while they help you fight the heat.

Tips for using the climate

  1. Difference maximum 10 degrees

The first rule is at the same time the biggest mistake people make while enjoying the benefits of the air conditioner. Even though there is frenzy as if it were a day of judgment and you are thinking of how to cut your skin off yourself, you should not burn the climate at 15 ° C. with the reliable aircon repair Singapore option you will be having the best deal here.

The Golden Rule says that the difference between the outside temperature and the cooled space should not be higher than the maximum of 10 and the ideal 7 ° C. In this way, the body will not experience a thermal shock when it exits from the air-conditioned room.

The best example of this can be found in shopping malls that split the climate to the extent that you need to find a winter jacket to wake up in the store.

If you are in your home and cool in the air, it does not mean that you have to be cold. It’s summer, and it’s planned to walk in shorts, pants, and the like, and not air-conditioning at 18 °, and you’re dressed in long shirts. If you lower the temperature by 7-8 degrees in relation to the outside it will be comfortable for you to survive and allow the body to go through a normal process. Essential deals in good at aircon servicing Singapore happen to be there.

  1. Prepare to exit the air-conditioned area

Along with the story of the ideal temperature of the air-conditioned space, go to our # 2 advice. Even if you are listening to the advice of the slightest temperature difference, it will still be visible when you leave the room.

So it would be best to spend some time before leaving the house (for example, half an hour) in a gradually warmer room. Half an hour before going out, turn off the climate and allow your body to slowly adapt to weather conditions outside. This is especially true when the weather is extremely high (35+) and when the body can really react poorly to a sudden transition from pleasant to great heat and sparkling.

  1. The air must not blow directly into you

When considering buying and installing air conditioners, it is always a good option to put the air conditioner in the central location of the home to cool more rooms and more efficiently. However, it is important to find a place where the climate will not directly blow cold air into you .

Queue Management System

Queue management system is a set of doctrine developed to help in controlling the flow of customers as well as reorganizing the queuing experience. It is important to have an organized queue, especially in business premises that serve many people. Everyone in such settingsranging from the customers to managers and the top-level administrationcan benefit from a proper queue management system as it makes their work more efficient.

Over a long period of time, queuing has been the most conventional method used in different institutions such as banks as customerslined up waitingfor their turn to be served. This practice, however, has not been aborted ever since and it is still common even in the 21st century. No business person would love to see customers exasperated and manhandled within their premises. This is because most of these circumstances may become hectic for the employees and in some cases, horrible experiences for the customers.

For this reason, our company has designed and developedQueue Management System solutions for such cases to enable businesses to become more efficient in handling traffic and movement of people. Our queue management systems are reliable and there is no doubt that we offer tailored solutions for contemporary business environment. Our system is designed to facilitate and improve customer service in various institutions including banks, healthcare institutions, government institutions as well as insurance companies.

Through queue management systems, businesses are able to improve customer flow and control. It is easier to serve customers when you lay out processes that show them how they are supposed to be served. Through these systems, you will be able to attract as many customers as possible to your business as they will be at ease knowing that there are proper measures that have been put in place to improve their experience as they seek services from your institutions.

Nevertheless, there are common types of queue management systems that are often used in various institutions. One of them is the Linear Queue Management System where customers wait in a line to be attended to. Even though it is considered as one of the oldest types, it is certainly used by many institutions. Through this technique, customers queue physically as they wait for their turns to be served or on the other hand, they are grouped based on the kind of needs they have.

The other common queue management system is the Virtual Queue Management System where queues are invisible. Here, customers are often identified the moment they arrive in those institutions they are seeking services from. They are identified through social security numbers or names. They don’t need to make physical lines but rather; they sit and wait to be called. This technique also allows clients to book their place in the queues through mobile apps or SMS before showing up at the institutions. This enables them to save a lot of time and they also get an opportunity to take care of their other appointments and in turn go to the institutions when they are about to be served. Customers are also able toavoidcongestions that often come about when many people are crowded in one place.

It is a web application that can find different resources such as websites, images, videos or files. There are different search engines. The best known and the one you probably use: it’s Google. This search engine remains the first in France and in the world! Let’s take a closer look at the search engines that are most used in France. You will surely find the one with good at SEM Singapore, which will be most appropriate for you.

1 – In the first position, we find Google. He remains the undisputed leader of search engines. It totals over a month more than 33 million unique visitors per month.

2 – In second place we find: Google image with 17.92 million unique visitors.

3 – The third place on the podium is Yahoo, which totals 8.04 million unique visitors per month.

4 – In fourth place we find the Bing search engine with 6.9 million unique visitors in one month.

5 – And it’s Ask who finishes at the 5th place of our podium with 6.42 million unique users per month.

How does a search engine work?

A search engine works automatically thanks to robots. You can also find the term “crawler” or “spider” to refer to these robots. They are responsible for listing the various existing web pages and attaching them. For this, the indexing engine will associate each web page with frequently used words. Then they store them in huge databases. When you enter words for your search, these robots will browse these databases and query them to provide you with the most relevant pages for your query.

So you get a list of results, also called SERP (Search Engine Result Page, the pages of results of a search engine).

Boolean operators

To be even more effective in your search you can use specific words and symbols. This is what we call “Boolean operators”. Quotation marks allow you to search for an exact phrase. For example you want to find the pages that contain the words “recruitment on social networks” in this specific order, you can put quotation marks around your expression.

You use it if you want sites including at least one of the 2 terms of your search. For example, you look for an editor or a journalist. You can write: gold editor reporter. You can also use the vertical bar and enter your search as follows: editor | reporter


The creation of an advertising campaign requires a good knowledge of the search behavior of the targeted Internet users. A web agency expert in the creation of paid referencing has the role of studying your competition, establish an effective and profitable strategy, and implement it. It then uses to manage your commercial links by modifying your costs (bids) and your advertisements. The goal happens to be to always attracting more capable traffic whereasreducing your advertising costs.

This method of advertising on the web is the most used because it is measurable in real time and very profitable when it is well managed. The approach undertaken by your agency is the competitive study, the creation of an SEO strategy and its implementation. This service requires regular optimization of your website to maximize your ROI and keep track of your competitive market.

The coaxial power connector is the most common in the practice of video transmission and the cheapest, most reliable, most convenient and easiest way to transmit electronic images in television surveillance systems.

What Is It?

Coaxial cable is manufactured by many manufacturers with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, characteristics and parameters. Most often it is recommended to use cables of the RG59 / U type, but in fact this family includes cables with the most diverse electrical characteristics. In television surveillance systems and in other areas where cameras and video devices are used, the RG6 / U and RG11 / U cables similar to RG59 / U are also widely used.

Although all these groups of cables are very similar to each other, each cable has its own physical and electrical characteristics that need to be taken into account.

The Groups for You

All three mentioned groups of cables belong to the same common family of coaxial cables. The letters RG mean “radio guide”, and the numbers denote different types of cable. Although each cable has its own number, its characteristics and dimensions, in principle, all these cables are arranged and work the same way.

The Frequency

The frequency dependence of the attenuation characteristic on the length limits the distance of application by the requirements for the resolution in the system. For systems with a high resolution (more than 400 TV lines), the following restrictions must be observed: for cables RG-59 or RC-75-4, the maximum video transmission distance is up to 300 m; For RG-11 or RK-75-7 cables, the maximum video transmission distance is up to 500 m. With a large spatial separation of the source and receiver of signals, special measures are required for galvanic isolation.

The Increase

As the length of the coaxial cable increases, the degree of interference with external noise increases, and signal attenuation increases as it passes through the cable. If a certain length of the cable is exceeded, the loss in it leads first to a decrease in the brightness, and then to the blur of the pixels and the appearance of a characteristic dark loop from the dark elements of the image.

The amount of attenuation depends on the quality of the materials used to make the cable. The linear attenuation in a coaxial cable of the RC type can be judged by its design: the larger the diameter of the internal insulation of the cables (in the cable mark designation it is indicated in millimeters after the number 75), the smaller its linear attenuation.

Much pepper in the hot pepper soup is a culinary pan that you can fix with a few tricks – for example, with dairy products or white wine vinegar.Pepper in the soup is a culinary pan that can be fixed with a few tricks.

Too much pepper – emergency measures

If the soup is to be served immediately, but if it is too hot due to too much pepper, you can take immediate action.Try to reduce the sharpness of clear soups such as vegetable broth or chicken soup. For example, add small cut carrots and / or potatoes to the liquid. This extends the cooking time, but promises mildness.If you have spiced yourself, whether salted or peppered, add boiling water. This measure increases the amount of food. You may need to add more ingredients to prevent the dish from becoming watery.

Another trick that can be used with clear broths and vegetable soups is white wine vinegar. Depending on the taste intensity, add one to three tablespoons of white wine vinegar to the stock pot and let the soup boil again. Vinegar neutralizes spices. You may need to gently season with salt after this step.

Use dairy products

You can eliminate pepper in the soup by extending it. Milk products such as milk,cremefraiche, yoghurt, sour cream are best. Especially with vegetable soups, prolonging with dairy products can give the meal a special touch.

Cooking soups without carbohydrates – two recipes for slimming soups

Carbohydrates are important because they provide your body with the necessary energy. …

Let the soup boil again after lengthening. Your guests will appreciate this short wait, after all, even a designated pepper soup can be too spicy. Clear soups, such as meat or vegetable broth, are difficult to extend with dairy products as they cloud.

Freeze soup

Freezing mitigates the sharpness of food. There are soups that you cook the day before and refrigerate overnight taste more spicy than during preparation.You can freeze a goo soup and eat it later. After thawing in the microwave or in the saucepan, it will taste milder.

Bread and potatoes soften sharpness

If you do not want to freeze the soup, you can grab bread or potatoes. Slices of bread soften the sharpness, but are difficult to fish out again.If you do not want to serve pieces of bread in the food, you can put one or two whole peeled potatoes in the soup. This should not be on the stove. After about ten minutes you can take the potato out and taste the meal again.

The factoring companies manage your accounts receivable with the same professionalism and involvement that you would expect from your own team. Their factoring services also include financing, specialized risk assessment for your entire receivables portfolio and credit control of debt recovery from buyers.Let’s have a look at the factoring process and factoring invoices.

After signing the purchase waybill by the buyer, you send them a scan-copy of the waybill, on the same day we prepare you a register of assigned cash claims for a signature for the signature, we send it to you, you sign it with an electronic signature or if you do not, print it out and sign it. After receipt of a signed copy of the electronic signature or the original of the register and invoices, we ensure payment up to 95% of the monetary claim on the waybill or the certificate until the end of the business day. Normally, this process takes one payment day. After they receive the repayment from your buyer, we will withhold the financing amount and the factoring commission and send you a residual payment no later than the next day.

  • Full complex of factoring services
  • Classical factoring service includes the following components:
  • Assessment of the risk of non-payment of debtors transferred to factoring services
  • Financing receivables in accordance with the limits set by your debtors
  • Administration of accounts receivable in accordance with the accepted rules of communication between your company and your customer

Support for collection of possible problem receivables

Receiving a full set of factoring services, your company is filled with additional liquidity to increase turnover. The risk of default on the part of debtors is significantly reduced – a highly professional team of our risk managers assesses your potential debtors for long-term solvency and, in the process of your work with them, monitors it. Costs for accounting and economic security are significantly reduced by redistributing this burden to a factoring company, and you can concentrate your time and material resources on solving key tasks of your business.

Factoring without receivables management

You can choose the option of obtaining financing for the assignment of rights of monetary claims to your customers, while the management of receivables is carried out by employees of your company. This factoring service includes

  • Assessment of the risk of non-payment of debtors transferred to factoring services
  • Financing receivables in accordance with the limits set by your debtors

Selective factoring

Factoring can be used as an instrument for smoothing the dynamics of cash flow of your business – you can transfer only selective monetary claims within the same supply contract. Such a need arises when several factors coincide, leading to an unplanned drop in the liquidity reserve below an acceptable level. An alternative to this service is the retention of reserve funds on the current account, which can be costly and inconvenient.
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Do you know about the European Agreement concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)?

What is ADR?

ADR is an agreement ratified by 48 European countries that regulates the transport of dangerous goods on the road.There are smart opportunities for the load boards for trucks now.

This agreement specifies that dangerous goods may be the subject of international carriage in road vehicles provided that the following requirements are met:

  • Their packaging and labeling,
  • The provisions concerning the construction, equipment and circulation of the vehicle carrying the goods in issue.

What is a dangerous good?

Dangerous goods are considered to be any goods likely to damage the physical integrity of a person or the environment in case of contact or spill during transport.

A dangerous good is in the form of substance, mixture, material or object. A list of these goods is presented in Volume I of ADR. In addition to its official name, various numbers and codes are assigned to it. Paragraph 14 of the safety data sheets indicates classification and coding according to ADR.

Example: asbestos, gasoline, waste, compressed gas, inks, paints

What should you do with dangerous goods?

If your company has the following activities:

  • Packaging of hazardous materials
  • Loading more than 2 trucks of dangerous goods parcels a year
  • Loading of dangerous substances in a tank

Transport of dangerous goods

Your company must appoint a safety advisor for the transport of dangerous goods and declare it in the prefecture.The security advisor must hold a certificate issued after passing a national examination by the Interprofessional Committee for the Development of Training in the Transport of Dangerous Goods (CIFMD).

What does a company offer for the transport of dangerous goods?

The Companies offers a basic service to meet the regulatory obligations related to ADR. This benefit includes the following actions:

  • Transmission of the declaration document CERFA n ° 12251 * 02 to the Prefecture.
  • Conduct of an annual one-day visit to monitor compliance with the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Drafting of the annual report provided in computer version before March 31 of year N + 1.
  • On request it is possible to complete this basic service by the following actions:
  • Writing an accident report and / or an event declaration when needed.
  • Implementation of specific procedures or specific instructions those are missing or incomplete.

Training or awareness of the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods for the employees concerned: logistical support, material handlers, and packing staff.

Factoring is the ongoing purchase of short-term receivables from goods deliveries and services! Alliance one factoring is the alternative form of financing to bank-standard financing.

Factoring is plannable liquidity!

Alliance one factoring provides companies with high liquidity. We support you when your assets are already in use and additional credits are extremely difficult to obtain.

Factoring is security against bad debts!

Factoring safeguards claims against losses. We take over short-term sales financing by immediately paying current and valuable receivables from new invoices to end customers.

Factoring is growth!

Factoring relieves companies of administrative tasks, so that you can concentrate on your causal competencies in your area of ​​expertise, because they are priceless. We not only take on claims, but also complete the entire dunning process up to the debt collection dunning procedure and inform you at any time about the progress of your receivables portfolios.

What are the types of factoring?

Among all factoring products, the following groups or types can be distinguished:

  1. Classic factoring with regress.

The factoring company buys out about 90% of the debt, and after the expiration of the grace period, it has the right to demand from the seller the funds previously issued. Thus, the factoring company practically does not take risks.

  1. Factoring without recourse

A factoring company independently requires money from the buyer in case of delay.

Another factoring is divided into:

  1. Factoring without financing

When a customer who has sold an invoice to a factoring company receives the amount of the invoice on the due date of payment it called factoring without financing.

  1. Factoring with financing

In this case the client can demand immediate payment of the invoice, regardless of the due date for payment.

The debtor may be informed in advance of the transfer of debt to the factoring company (in which case factoring is considered “open”), which is noted in the invoice. If the participation in the transaction of an intermediary company is not covered in the contract, then this factoring is considered “closed”.

In terms of factoring services is also divided into:

  • Sales factoring – sale of receivables, and
  • Purchase factoring – financing suppliers in the amount of receivables.

Factoring can also be both domestic and international, which involves the participation of parties from different countries.

How much does factoring cost?

The cost of factoring services consists of the commission charged by the intermediary for the service (usually expressed in% of the amount of the invoice) and the interest charged on the early payment of the amount of debt.

The average levels of commissions are in the range of 1.5-3.0%. To translate this cost in% per annum (and compare it with a normal loan), you should multiply the commission amount by the turnover ratio of the receivable. For example, if the turnaround period is 30 days, then the turnover ratio is 360/30 = 12. If the factoring fee is 1.5% of the DM amount, in annual terms the factoring cost will be 1.5% * 12 = 18 % per annum. Obviously, the cost of factoring in this case is comparable (or even 1-2% higher) to the loan rate in the bank for a borrower with a good credit rating.

The technique of 3D image acquisition has been around for more than twenty years, but the demand for its application has been limited. The market is apparently not so busy until now, but that seems to change. In the past three months, we have received the question: ‘Can you control my machine variably by means of a line scan?’

Conventional automation assumes a predictable product position, for example a precisely known location of a product or packaging on a conveyor belt. The processing on the product can be done blindly, because the position and orientation are known. The result is self-evident and always exactly the same, that is what you can do with automated processes. The downside of these advantages lies in the limitation it imposes on the product supply, which must be such that every product ends up on the tape in the right way.

What if I cannot or no longer want to organize?

For successful processing of random lying products on a conveyor belt, one can think of steering by means of a line scan.

Control by means of a line scan

Line scan is technically not the right word, but popularly a commonly used translation for laser triangulation. The word describes perfectly what we see as human beings: a laser line that scans the passing product. What we call the process does not matter, it’s about the result. From the scan follows a so-called point cloud that forms a three-dimensional model of the scanned product. For that you will be having the best line scan camera now.

The software made for your process gets relevant information from this point cloud

This can be a pick-up point, a place where you have to print, a cut line to open a bag, you can say it.Of course, the system still makes some demands on the product position, so the recognizable detail must be visible from the laser and camera position. That is immediately the only requirement, for the rest it is free. And it does not make the scanner – within a certain range – look at whether a small or large product is looked at, the system is also flexible here, without changing or replacing product-specific holders, guides or molds.

The nice thing about using laser light is that the system is relatively insensitive to ambient light. This is due to the fact that the camera receives a special filter which only transmits the wavelength of the laser source, a so-called bandpassfilter. The light output to be applied is so low in almost all cases that laser safety does not require special measures.Because the position of the camera in relation to the laser source is very important, we build it together on one frame. This is then incorporated in an enclosure that we can optionally run in aluminum or stainless steel and in any desired IP value, whether or not carried out in food grade.

For processes with a strongly changing ambient temperature, additional measures are taken by smart material choices that ensure the calibrated set-up under all temperatures.

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