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The heat becomes unbreakable without the air conditioner. However, do we know whether to use the climate properly? Tips that will make you feel better, but also who will keep your health while they help you fight the heat.

Tips for using the climate

  1. Difference maximum 10 degrees

The first rule is at the same time the biggest mistake people make while enjoying the benefits of the air conditioner. Even though there is frenzy as if it were a day of judgment and you are thinking of how to cut your skin off yourself, you should not burn the climate at 15 ° C. with the reliable aircon repair Singapore option you will be having the best deal here.

The Golden Rule says that the difference between the outside temperature and the cooled space should not be higher than the maximum of 10 and the ideal 7 ° C. In this way, the body will not experience a thermal shock when it exits from the air-conditioned room.

The best example of this can be found in shopping malls that split the climate to the extent that you need to find a winter jacket to wake up in the store.

If you are in your home and cool in the air, it does not mean that you have to be cold. It’s summer, and it’s planned to walk in shorts, pants, and the like, and not air-conditioning at 18 °, and you’re dressed in long shirts. If you lower the temperature by 7-8 degrees in relation to the outside it will be comfortable for you to survive and allow the body to go through a normal process. Essential deals in good at aircon servicing Singapore happen to be there.

  1. Prepare to exit the air-conditioned area

Along with the story of the ideal temperature of the air-conditioned space, go to our # 2 advice. Even if you are listening to the advice of the slightest temperature difference, it will still be visible when you leave the room.

So it would be best to spend some time before leaving the house (for example, half an hour) in a gradually warmer room. Half an hour before going out, turn off the climate and allow your body to slowly adapt to weather conditions outside. This is especially true when the weather is extremely high (35+) and when the body can really react poorly to a sudden transition from pleasant to great heat and sparkling.

  1. The air must not blow directly into you

When considering buying and installing air conditioners, it is always a good option to put the air conditioner in the central location of the home to cool more rooms and more efficiently. However, it is important to find a place where the climate will not directly blow cold air into you .

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