Much pepper in the hot pepper soup is a culinary pan that you can fix with a few tricks – for example, with dairy products or white wine vinegar.Pepper in the soup is a culinary pan that can be fixed with a few tricks.

Too much pepper – emergency measures

If the soup is to be served immediately, but if it is too hot due to too much pepper, you can take immediate action.Try to reduce the sharpness of clear soups such as vegetable broth or chicken soup. For example, add small cut carrots and / or potatoes to the liquid. This extends the cooking time, but promises mildness.If you have spiced yourself, whether salted or peppered, add boiling water. This measure increases the amount of food. You may need to add more ingredients to prevent the dish from becoming watery.

Another trick that can be used with clear broths and vegetable soups is white wine vinegar. Depending on the taste intensity, add one to three tablespoons of white wine vinegar to the stock pot and let the soup boil again. Vinegar neutralizes spices. You may need to gently season with salt after this step.

Use dairy products

You can eliminate pepper in the soup by extending it. Milk products such as milk,cremefraiche, yoghurt, sour cream are best. Especially with vegetable soups, prolonging with dairy products can give the meal a special touch.

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Let the soup boil again after lengthening. Your guests will appreciate this short wait, after all, even a designated pepper soup can be too spicy. Clear soups, such as meat or vegetable broth, are difficult to extend with dairy products as they cloud.

Freeze soup

Freezing mitigates the sharpness of food. There are soups that you cook the day before and refrigerate overnight taste more spicy than during preparation.You can freeze a goo soup and eat it later. After thawing in the microwave or in the saucepan, it will taste milder.

Bread and potatoes soften sharpness

If you do not want to freeze the soup, you can grab bread or potatoes. Slices of bread soften the sharpness, but are difficult to fish out again.If you do not want to serve pieces of bread in the food, you can put one or two whole peeled potatoes in the soup. This should not be on the stove. After about ten minutes you can take the potato out and taste the meal again.

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