Frogans technology is advancement in the top level domains that are used by a number of people today. This technology allows the implementation of a new layer of application on the internet. This application layer is called as the frogans layer. This can be added along with the other layers that are very common such as the World Wide Web or the email. Frogans technology is said to be very simple to use and also very safe. This technology allows for the Frogans sites to be published. This site is made up of a set of pages that are hyperlinked with each other. These linked pages are then put on line on the internet. They can also be done on an intranet. This whole process can be done on a Frogans address. These sites can be easily published by anyone. The standards that are used in the Frogans technology are very safe and are free and open to everyone. Frogans layer is to be introduced in the near future on the internet. Used Servers

Uses of Frogans technology

This technology can be used with the aim of providing security, reliability and stability of the Frogans layers that will benefit all the users of the internet. The computers that are dedicated solely to the functioning of the certain layers on the internet can be used for the distribution of free software applications. These applications will let the internet users to navigate all through the Frogans layers. Frogans addresses that are available on the particular layers form the basis of its global addressing system. They have a simple pattern that is specific which is in no way related to the URI scheme. The use of Frogans layers sticks to the principles of ICANN in order to keep the internet sites safe and interoperable. They also help in keeping the sites stable at all times. This also encourages a great deal of innovation in the internet. Bylaws that are available to the public consist of the detailed list of all works that must be accomplished by the OP3FT in order to fulfill its mission.
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