The factoring companies manage your accounts receivable with the same professionalism and involvement that you would expect from your own team. Their factoring services also include financing, specialized risk assessment for your entire receivables portfolio and credit control of debt recovery from buyers.Let’s have a look at the factoring process and factoring invoices.

After signing the purchase waybill by the buyer, you send them a scan-copy of the waybill, on the same day we prepare you a register of assigned cash claims for a signature for the signature, we send it to you, you sign it with an electronic signature or if you do not, print it out and sign it. After receipt of a signed copy of the electronic signature or the original of the register and invoices, we ensure payment up to 95% of the monetary claim on the waybill or the certificate until the end of the business day. Normally, this process takes one payment day. After they receive the repayment from your buyer, we will withhold the financing amount and the factoring commission and send you a residual payment no later than the next day.

  • Full complex of factoring services
  • Classical factoring service includes the following components:
  • Assessment of the risk of non-payment of debtors transferred to factoring services
  • Financing receivables in accordance with the limits set by your debtors
  • Administration of accounts receivable in accordance with the accepted rules of communication between your company and your customer

Support for collection of possible problem receivables

Receiving a full set of factoring services, your company is filled with additional liquidity to increase turnover. The risk of default on the part of debtors is significantly reduced – a highly professional team of our risk managers assesses your potential debtors for long-term solvency and, in the process of your work with them, monitors it. Costs for accounting and economic security are significantly reduced by redistributing this burden to a factoring company, and you can concentrate your time and material resources on solving key tasks of your business.

Factoring without receivables management

You can choose the option of obtaining financing for the assignment of rights of monetary claims to your customers, while the management of receivables is carried out by employees of your company. This factoring service includes

  • Assessment of the risk of non-payment of debtors transferred to factoring services
  • Financing receivables in accordance with the limits set by your debtors

Selective factoring

Factoring can be used as an instrument for smoothing the dynamics of cash flow of your business – you can transfer only selective monetary claims within the same supply contract. Such a need arises when several factors coincide, leading to an unplanned drop in the liquidity reserve below an acceptable level. An alternative to this service is the retention of reserve funds on the current account, which can be costly and inconvenient.
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