If the video surveillance system of best cctv Singapore supports audio, security personnel will be able to hear and access a potential attacker. From a video surveillance point of view, this function can be used as an independent identification method: when the volume reaches a certain threshold, an automatic recording will start or an alarm will trigger.

Do you plan to expand your system in the future?

It is very important that the video surveillance system is flexible and scalable. Traditional video surveillance systems are difficult to change, because they are all connected through cables. It is better to stop the selection on IP cameras that connect to the system over a wireless network, allowing you to change the configuration of the system as needed. It is very easy to connect an IP camera to a network, besides, you do not need to replace or update the cables.

What else can the video surveillance system be useful for your object?

Video surveillance can be used not only as a deterrent, but also for obtaining important evidence that can be useful during investigations and litigation.In addition, in addition to providing security, the video surveillance system can be used to collect important analytical data. For example, in the retail industry, data from CCTV cameras can improve the efficiency of IT departments, marketing, and customer service, which has a beneficial effect on customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Reverberation in House: Tips to Improve Acoustics

Drinking a drink with the neighborhood or celebrating a birthday with the whole family. A house full of visitors is always very cozy, but can also bring the necessary annoyances especially if you misunderstand each other by reverberation. The reliable Singapore home improvement professionals put a number of useful tips for you in order to realize a comfortable home!

A sleek and minimalist interior with high ceilings, plastered walls, tiles and large windows is very nice, but disastrous for the acoustics. Sound bounces off the bare, hard surfaces of your living space, causing reverberation in the home. How do you reduce this reverb without compromising the interior?

Hang curtains to reduce reverberation

For example, you can hang curtains to reduce reflections from the sound. Curtains absorb sound vibrations, provided you choose a full fabric. You achieve the best result by combining curtains with extra window coverings, such as lace curtains, roller blinds or pleated blinds.

A well furnished interior

A well-furnished interior works wonders! As you may know, fabric furniture absorbs a lot of noise. But also large plants, paintings or a bookcase make the difference. You reduce the reflection and thus reduce the reverberation.Do you have a leather sofa and are you not planning to replace it with a fabric variant? For example, place fabric chairs next to it and decorate your sofa with a number of cushions.

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