It is a web application that can find different resources such as websites, images, videos or files. There are different search engines. The best known and the one you probably use: it’s Google. This search engine remains the first in France and in the world! Let’s take a closer look at the search engines that are most used in France. You will surely find the one with good at SEM Singapore, which will be most appropriate for you.

1 – In the first position, we find Google. He remains the undisputed leader of search engines. It totals over a month more than 33 million unique visitors per month.

2 – In second place we find: Google image with 17.92 million unique visitors.

3 – The third place on the podium is Yahoo, which totals 8.04 million unique visitors per month.

4 – In fourth place we find the Bing search engine with 6.9 million unique visitors in one month.

5 – And it’s Ask who finishes at the 5th place of our podium with 6.42 million unique users per month.

How does a search engine work?

A search engine works automatically thanks to robots. You can also find the term “crawler” or “spider” to refer to these robots. They are responsible for listing the various existing web pages and attaching them. For this, the indexing engine will associate each web page with frequently used words. Then they store them in huge databases. When you enter words for your search, these robots will browse these databases and query them to provide you with the most relevant pages for your query.

So you get a list of results, also called SERP (Search Engine Result Page, the pages of results of a search engine).

Boolean operators

To be even more effective in your search you can use specific words and symbols. This is what we call “Boolean operators”. Quotation marks allow you to search for an exact phrase. For example you want to find the pages that contain the words “recruitment on social networks” in this specific order, you can put quotation marks around your expression.

You use it if you want sites including at least one of the 2 terms of your search. For example, you look for an editor or a journalist. You can write: gold editor reporter. You can also use the vertical bar and enter your search as follows: editor | reporter


The creation of an advertising campaign requires a good knowledge of the search behavior of the targeted Internet users. A web agency expert in the creation of paid referencing has the role of studying your competition, establish an effective and profitable strategy, and implement it. It then uses to manage your commercial links by modifying your costs (bids) and your advertisements. The goal happens to be to always attracting more capable traffic whereasreducing your advertising costs.

This method of advertising on the web is the most used because it is measurable in real time and very profitable when it is well managed. The approach undertaken by your agency is the competitive study, the creation of an SEO strategy and its implementation. This service requires regular optimization of your website to maximize your ROI and keep track of your competitive market.

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